These days the world feels so stressful and divided, so I wanted to do something that would help me feel more connected to the wider world community. No matter our political persuasions, religious beliefs, or all the other details that make us different, I don't think it's a stretch to believe that we all really want a better world and a better life for everyone. I will always fundamentally believe in the innate goodness in the vast majority of people everywhere.

I know from my own experience volunteering in soup kitchens when I lived in Washington, DC, and from my Mom's experience volunteering as a nurse in our local free clinic and at our local food pantry, even small measures ~ just reaching out, being present ~ can mean so much to someone in need.

My goal with the Power of Pink is to help, in a small way, the many people who need help in the U.S. and around the world. Twenty-five percent (25%) of all orders with (pink) in the title will be donated to several organizations whose mission is to help people and provide vital services, here in the US as well as abroad. So you can be sure that, whenever you order pink from me, part of your purchase will go towards helping and supporting those less fortunate.

The Association for Women in Science is a bit different, but it's an organization that's rather dear to my heart. It works towards equal opportunities for girls in STEM classes and schools, and women in STEM professions. This hits close to home, because not only do I have a niece currently majoring in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Maryland, my daughter is planning to become a Marine Biologist, too! I'm so proud of these two incredibly intelligent, committed young women and I want to support them, and all the other women like them, as they pursue their education and careers.

For me, pink is no longer a color for babies. After all, Real Men aren't afraid to wear pink, am I right? :-D Seriously, though, it has become a symbol of the power of the people when they come together for a cause. A symbol for working together; I think the power of pink can be a force for good, and positive change, in the world!

It's nice to know that as I'm knitting something beautiful for myself, a loved one, a friend, or as a donation to a cause important to me, I'm also supporting someone else's life and helping to make life better, even if only in a small way. And that the yarn I dye, in someone else's hands, will do the same. That the very act of creating is helping to create a better life for others. How great is that? Big changes sometimes start with small steps, right?

Please note that this endeavor is meant to be completely a-political. I am not here to judge, or be judged. It's sole purchase is to help us connect in our shared love of textiles, and in doing so help others less fortunate than we may be, here and abroad. Your purchase of pink yarn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks will go towards supporting those less fortunate, in a non-political and non-judgmental way. The organizations currently earmarked for donations are:

The International Rescue Committee
Women for Women International
Association for Women in Science
Planned Parenthood
Feeding America

If you'd like to have your donation go to one of these organizations in particular, just include it in the Comments section of your order. Likewise, if there is an organization you don't support, please note the one or ones you would like to support and just leave out the ones you don't out. No judgement, and I will follow customer directives completely. If you don't have a preference, just leave your comment section blank, and I'll split your donation equally between these organizations.

I plan to change the organizations we donate to on a quarterly basis, so if there is an organization you particularly want to support, please email me at info@spirit-trail.net and let me know. I'm happy to consider your suggestions.

I thank you for joining with me in solidarity, to make the world a better place, one stitch at a time!

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Birte ~ Pink Sands (pink) Birte ~ Pink Sands (pink)

A soft pink color with gray undertones, reminiscent of pink sand beaches. Tonal solid.

75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere and 10% bombyx silk DK weight.

Sold by the skein. Each skein is 3.98 ounces (113g) and 275 yards (251m) and knits at approximately 20-24 stitches over 4 inches (on US 4-6).

Price: $34.00
3 in stock!
Selene ~ Lady Slipper (pink) Selene ~ Lady Slipper (pink)

A bright but soft pink, reminiscent of wild lady slipper flowers. Tonal solid.

100% non-shrink organic wool (although my dyes are not all organic, the wool has been raised and processed according to GOTS-certified practices), DK weight.

22-24 stitches / 4 inches on US 3-6.

255 yards per 3.5 ounce / 110 gram skein.

Price: $27.00
3 in stock!
Sunna ~ Bubblegum Shooter Sunna ~ Bubblegum Shooter

A fun speckled colorway of deep pink, blue, green and lavender speckles on a pink base, reminiscent of bubble gum, gum balls, and gum drops.

75% Superwash Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% Silk.

4 ounces (110g), 350s yard (320m) per skein. 18-32 stitches /

4 inches on US Needle Size 2-7 (higher gauge for socks, looser for lace).

Price: $34.00
7 in stock!