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Knitted Blanks! Knit socks and other projects straight from the blank. These blanks are knit loosely, so the yarn is not too kinky and relaxes nicely. One end is live, and I've threaded a thread through it to keep it from unraveling until you're ready to use it. When ready, simply pull the thread out and you're all set to go!

If you don't like to knit from blanks but love one of these colors, I'm happy to wind it into a ball for you. Just leave me a note in your order comments, and I'll unwind it, soak it to get out any soft kinks, and wind it into a center pull ball for you. This will delay shipping this portion of your order, but if you order other items those will ship out right away.

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Knit Blank ~ Hijinks Knit Blank ~ Hijinks
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