I've put a few single skeins of different yarns up for sale, starting to get prepped for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival (single skeins are a hassle when setting up the booth :-D ). Check out the "Yarns ~ Sales" section to see what's on sale.

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Luscious yarns, in luscious colors. Superwash Merino, Alpaca, Silk, Cashmere, Bluefaced Leicester and blends, handpainted in small batches in both repeating colorways, and one-of-a-kind, non-repeating colors.



Rare and endangered breed spinning fibers from small farms around the world, some dyed and some natural.

Luxurious blends of  handpainted combed top fibers.




"Sale Yarns"  and "Sale Fibers" are those yarns and fibers I'm either temporarily or permanently discontinuing. There's nothing wrong with them other than I want to move them on to new homes sooner than later.

"Seconds Yarns" are those yarns that have funky dye bits ... some unintended spots or darker areas. They are still beautiful and, in some cases, the funky bits may not even show in the knitted fabric. But they can look a bit funny in the skein.

Please note that yardage and gauge information for yarns is located on the front page of that particular yarn category. Over on the left, click "All Yarns" under "Yarns" for a complete listing, then click the particular yarn for this information. Thank you! 

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