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This fiber is from the United States.

Jacobs are small, horned black and white sheep. Spotted sheep were documented in England in the 1600's, andby the 1700's were widespread. They became popular as park, or "ornamental" sheep due to their spots and multiple horns (typically 2 to 4 horns, but up to 6 is not unusual). They were bred basically for spots and horns, and so a hardy primitive breed developed.

Jacobs were brought to the United States in the 1900's. In the US, Jacob fleece has become quite popular with handspinners and fiber artists, and sheep are now selected primarily for fleece characteristics, but there remains alot of variability in fineness and length, which is a typical trait of primitive breeds. The US breed has diverged from the British, because in England, Jacobs are now typically selected for greater commercial productivity in larger carcass and uniform appearance.

This fiber comes from my neighbor's flock of entirely spoiled and coddled Jacob sheep. Their fiber is exceptionally soft, with the lighter colors typically softer than the darker ones.

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Designation: Threatened, conservation priority. For more information, please see: